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Kayak Buoyancy Bag - Main Hatch. Size 14

Kayak Buoyancy Bag - Main Hatch. Size 14

Our main hatch buoyancy bags are designed for filling the front or rear chambers of a sea kayak, if you do not have any gear inside them. We've heard many a tale of someone out for the day in their sea kayak; but not out on an expedition; so their main hatches are empty. These bags will help keep these chambers buoyant if the boat should spring a leak or you accidentally crack the hull on a rock etc.

Buoyancy bags are made from a durable nylon material making them, flexible and strong. The seams are RF welded to give an airtight seal.

Airbag size when un inflated and lying flat- 62CM (Width at widest point) x 111CM long
Airbag size when inflated - 54CM (Wide at fattest point) x 103CM long


Price: 13.50 (Including VAT at 20%)

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